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Is eye surgery painful?

The first question most patients have when faced with the idea of eye surgery is, “Will it hurt?!” The simple answer is that in most cases there is very little if any pain asociated with eye surgery. Remember, we want you to be comfortable! There are three main types of anesthesia for eye surgery: 1)… Read More

Why is eyelid hygiene important?

Why is eyelid hygiene important? Eyelid hygiene (with lid scrubs) is very important in preventing eyelid infection and maintaining a healthy eyelid margin. Without proper cleaning of the eyelids, lid margin disease can develop. Lid margin disease involves overgrowth of bacteria, thickening and accumulation of oily secretions, accumulation of dead skin cells, and inflammation at… Read More

What can I expect with an eye exam?

Question: What can I expect with an eye exam? Answer: This is what you can expect in the process of making your appointment and visiting our office. Appointments can be made either by someone in my office or by Houston Eye Associates’ main scheduling department. If you speak to the scheduling department, let the scheduler… Read More