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First things first. I want your visit to be convenient for you. I start clinic at 7:30 am to allow for you to be seen prior to work and traffic. I offer same-day and next-day appointments and am located in central Houston near the Rice Village with ground-level parking. My office has a full array of cutting-edge diagnostic technology onsite, with all types of eye specialists available for referrals. I value transparent pricing and insurance verification to keep your costs low, clear, and covered.

You can be confident that although I have earned a great reputation, I am working for you, not me. Both my team and I strive to be respectful, empathetic, knowledgeable, easy to understand, courteous, unbiased, cooperative, thorough, and effective.

I’ve been fascinated by eyes ever since my sixth-grade science teacher assigned our class a project on the organs of the human body. I still have that report and it has led me on a fantastic journey. My team and I pledge to provide excellent care, communication, and service to help you see, look, and feel better.

I was born in Beaumont but grew up in Colorado, where I developed my love for skiing. We moved back to Texas during high school. Cypress Creek High in northwest Houston launched me to four years at Rice University for studies in biology and sociology. I attended The University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas for medical school where I was lucky enough to meet my wonderful wife Kathie. Internship at St. Joseph Hospital, ophthalmology residency at The University of Texas Hermann Hospital, and fellowship in Cornea and External Infectious Disease with Dr. Jeffery Lanier landed me at Houston Eye Associates. I was first certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology in 2002 and continued with the maintenance of the certification process. I have served as the president of both Houston Eye Associates and the Houston Eye Associates Foundation.

Dr. Mark C. Vital, Houston Eye Doctor

I am the proud father of a son and daughter, who are quick to point out that I’m not as smart as they are. My wife Kathie (Dr. Diase) is the best OB/GYN in Houston and practices at Southwest OB/GYN…and no, I’m not biased. My ability to see them every day reminds me of how important your vision is to you when interacting with your loved ones.

I enjoy performing comprehensive eye exams as well as treating complex ocular issues such as infections, trauma, corneal dystrophies, corneal scars, pterygium, cataracts, and other anterior segment problems. My office works hard to accommodate major and minor ocular emergencies quickly. My patients come from all over the Houston Metroplex and in some cases beyond the borders of Texas.

My philosophy for the practice of ophthalmology is to deliver quality medical and surgical interventions, when medically necessary, on an icndividualized basis, that help to preserve and improve your ocular and general health.

What is a corneal specialist?

Cold hands, warm heart…you’ll understand when you meet me.

Mark C. Vital