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What if I have Fuchs’ Dystrophy and Cataracts?

Some patients need an ophthalmologist who is both a Fuchs’ specialist and cataract specialist in Houston. If you have cataracts and corneal swelling (edema) from Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy your vision might look like this: Even for the best of cataract surgeons, when cataract surgery is performed, some corneal swelling can result.  If you are a patient that… Read More

What are cataracts and what do they look like?

As a leading cataract surgeon in Houston, I have the opportunity to see many patients with many different types of cataracts.  At the time that I diagnose cataracts in the clinic, often patients will ask, “What is a cataract and what does it look like? Is it a film over my eyes?”. Well, not really…. Read More