Why is my vision worse after cataract surgery?

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Why would vision be worse after cataract surgery?

When performing cataract surgery ophthalmologists are careful to maintain the health of the cornea.  Since I am a corneal specialist, I pay particular attention to protecting the cornea.

Cataract surgery is one of the most successful surgeries performed in the United States.  Some patients who have had complications after cataract surgery ask, “If cataract surgery is so successful, why did I have a problem?!”  No surgery is 100% successful for all patients.  Even though complications after cataract surgery are rare, if a problem arises from cataract surgery, corneal swelling (edema) is one of the most common complications.  The cornea can undergo damage during cataract surgery/ Some patients have corneas that are “weaker” and more likely to be damaged during cataract surgery.  This can be caused by Fuchs’ Dystrophy. The cataract surgeon is not always able to predict this problem before surgery.  It doesn’t take much corneal swelling to make vision very blurry.  Most of the time, the swelling is mild and goes away with time and steroid drops.  However, this can take weeks or months.  A corneal transplant may be required.

Explanation of corneal transplants

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