Zepto for Cataract Surgery in Houston

Zepto for cataract surgery is a fantastic option for premium, toric intraocular lenses and complex cases.  Cataract surgery is like removing the chocolate (the cataract) from an green M&M candy and leaving the green candy coating behind.  The new artificial lens is then placed inside the green candy coating shell.  Eye doctors call that green candy coating shell the capsular bag.  Naturally, we have to make a hole the capsular bag to remove the chocolate (the cataract).  That hole is usually made by hand like drawing a freehand circle.  But now, we have other options for making the hole with greater precision.  Image the difference between drawing a freehand circle and using a circular stencil.  Zepto is like the stencil.  I am very excited about the availability of Zepto capsulotomy at the Houston Eye Associates Ambulatory Surgery Center because of the precision, speed, comfort, and safety for my patients.  Ask if Zepto capsulotomy is right for you.

Cataract Surgery

Dr. Vital Removing Advanced Cataract With Help Of Zepto

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