Surgery for a longstanding limbal dermoid

Corneal surgery can be very impactful to vision and appearance!

This is a very nice note that I recently received from a grateful patient:

Thank You

Thank you note to Dr. Vital

Before Surgery

Before corneal surgery

This lesion was visible and distracting to the patient’s appearance.

After Surgery

After corneal surgery

After corneal surgery the lesion no longer affected the patient’s appearance.

I’m happy I could help!

Sometimes corneal surgery can be performed to help a patient with their outward appearance. It can make a difference in confidence and allow some people to be more comfortable around cameras and in front of groups. Re-evaluating a longstanding corneal condition can occasionally reveal that we now have solutions to problems to used to be much more difficult to solve.

I’m eager to help with your corneal condition as well. Please give my office a call to set up an appointment at 713-558-8709.

Corneal transplants and corneal scars