Corneal ulcers in Houston: Patients need patience

Corneal ulcers in Houston can be big just like everything else Texas!

One of the lessons I learned early on in the treatment of corneal ulcers was the lesson of patience. Most corneal ulcers can take weeks to months to heal.  Corneal transplant surgeries require many months before the full benefits can be appreciated. Depending on the type of corneal transplant, I usually explain to my patients that it takes three to six months before we know what the best vision will be after surgery. In cases that are very complex or cases that involve multiple surgeries, that time can be even longer, sometimes taking a year or more.
For inspiration, I’d like to share the experience of one of my patients who after having several surgeries with me over a time span of several years, went from two corneas that looked like this:

Corneal ulcers in Houston

Active corneal ulcer with corneal scarring.

to two corneas that now look like this:

Corneal Disease

Clear full thickness corneal transplant (PKP).

After being legally blind for approximately one year, she now sees well enough to have drawn me the art below as a token of her appreciation and as inspiration for my other patients with complex corneal condtions. Thanks!!!

Believe artwork from corneal ulcer patient

Believe that corneal ulcers will heal and you will see again.


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