What is corneal swelling (edema)?

Older Man with Corneal SwellingCorneal swelling is also called corneal edema, bullous keratopathy, or corneal decompensation.  The cornea is the clear dome on the front of the eye.  It contains water like a damp sponge.  When the cornea has too much water, it swells.  The swelling makes it difficult for light to pass through the cornea.  This causes blurred vision.  In severe cases of corneal edema, blisters can form which can be very painful and make it feel like something sharp is in the eye.  Corneal swelling arises after complex eye surgery, trauma, and with some corneal dystrophies like Fuchs’.  The pain and blurred vision that comes from corneal swelling can sometimes make a corneal transplant necessary.  The type of corneal transplant depends on several factors that are specific to the condition of the eye.

Corneal transplants

Give my office a call if you have a painful, red eye, or if you have been told that you have corneal swelling.  We are happy to help solve the problem and restore vision!