Thanks Dr. Lanier! Your patients are VIPs with us!

Dr. Lanier recently retired from over 30 years of serving patients in the Houston area. I can remember seeing his patients who had corneal transplants that he performed in 1971…the year I was born! He always put his patients first. He proved himself as an expert in the treatment of corneal and external infectious disease and corneal surgery through his many contributions to the field of ophthalmology. Dr. Lanier worked shoulder to shoulder with the greatest minds in eye care. We, at Houston Eye Associates, appreciate his leadership as the President of HEA, a position that he held for many years with poise and vision. He and his wife Margaret were the proud honorees of the 2016 Houston Eye Associates Foundation Eye Ball (one of many, many recognitions over the years).

As the legend goes…
He once hit a hole in one because he was running late.
When the ball drops in Times Square, he catches it.
His mind is so sharp, he uses it to make his cataract incisions.
When asked why he doesn’t do refractive surgery, he responds “kiss my ASCRS”.
The round corneal transplant was his idea.
Dean Martin was once caught lipsynching his song.
He types 80 words per minute, which each hand.
He was the first one to suspect baseball players of using steroids.
Although his mind is clean, his martinis are very dirty.

Dr. Lanier

As of 2016, he has plans to play in the sun and enjoy his family…a well deserved retirement!

All of the HEA physicians will be helping to continue the care for his patients. I will be in Dr. Lanier’s treatment area “POD7” now Suite 270 and am excited to see some of those patients that I helped Dr. Lanier care for when I was in fellowship with him in 2001-2002. You can rest assured that he has made me promise to care for his patients with the same excellence in medicine and customer service that he provided!