Reasons to Choose Dr. Vital to be your Houston Eye Doctor

choosing the right eye doctor

If you live in Houston and are seeking a new eye doctor or surgeon, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options out there. So, why choose Dr. Mark C. Vital to care for your vision?

Here are quotes from several patients who chose Dr. Vital:

“Our family is very grateful to Dr. Mark Vital for the wonderful care we have received for our eyes since he first opened his practice. I have referred many friends as well as patients from my practice and they all tell me of their appreciation of his calm and unhurried manner and his exceptional capacity to listen carefully to questions and fears.”

“Because he was not completely sure of my diagnosis, he called in the other cornea specialist who agreed with his approach. Dr. Vital carefully explained to me his thinking, and I too agreed this was the way we should proceed.”

“I went home that day, concerned about my eye but feeling that as always at HEA, I was in good hands. I’m a hospital administrator by trade and am familiar with how to research a doctor’s training and actual experience and immediately started that process. From experience, I also know there are doctors, and then there are DOCTORS, and I want only the best! I wasn’t surprised to find that his credentials are impeccable, and just what one would hope for when dealing with a personal situation that is uncomfortable and frightening. He is very well trained, has a spotless record, has passed all the board exams I would expect, and clearly is one of the best I could hope to find.”

“After several visits to Dr. Vital, I am even more pleased and impressed! He is truly wonderful. He is very personable, and obviously knowledgeable. He takes the time to really explain to me what is happening with my eye, and what I can expect for the future. He shows me actual computer drawings or the changes, visit to visit, and this is very comforting. Although his waiting room is always full, I never feel rushed or that he doesn’t have time to make sure I am comfortable with the course of treatment. I love that about him!”

“I am also a licensed social worker, and I know firsthand how important it is for a patient to have confidence in their doctor. As patients, we need to feel like our physician knows what they are doing, that they have our personal best interests in mind, and that they will do what it takes to achieve the best possible results in our specific situation. All of this is true with Dr. Vital, and it really “came home” to me as I was waiting to see him for my most recent appointment.”

“I was in his waiting room and I noticed in looking around that there were many people there, along with their interested family members, who looked to have more difficult and disabling conditions than I was experiencing. I immediately felt guilty for feeling sorry for myself as I could see, my situation could definitely be worse. AS I began talking to some of these people, I learned that many of them had been seeing Dr. Vital for a very long time, and I was amazed at what they said about him. Person after person spoke about him in what I would only call “heroic” terms. They talked about having lifelong conditions and not ever feeling hopeful until they began seeing Dr. Vital. Many of them had seen numerous physicians throughout the years and ALL spoke of Dr. Vital as being absolutely the best. They, like me, felt very appreciative of being able to be one of his patients. They talked about his patience, how much they feel he cares about them as individuals, and how easy it is to talk with him. These are experiences they had not had with other practitioners.

When I went in to see Dr. Vital, I told him about my experience in his waiting room and how much it meant to me. His response to me was very humble, another very positive quality about him. I could tell he was genuinely pleased, and not just because someone was saying nice things about him, but more because he feels good about being able to give his patients the best service he possibly can, and more importantly, that he gives them confidence. In fact, I left that appointment feeling more confident than ever that I am in good hands and that the end result for me will be positive.”

“Rachel, Thank you for being so nice when I called and asked questions. It meant a lot to me. I’ve had a stressful three years. You’ve made some of that easier.”

“We recently received positive feedback from a claimant regarding his appointment with you. THANK YOU for your outstanding service to this claimant! We greatly appreciate your continuing service to our veterans and active duty servicepersons and your understanding of their special concerns. Thank you for all of your contributions!”I am writing this testimonial to promote “Dr. Mark Vital and his staff for a great patient experience. I came from the Beaumont-Mid-County area of Texas and recommend him highly as the best ophthalmologist to see at the Houston Eye Associates Facility.

Dr. Vital successfully performed my cataract surgery and to me is an exceptional and experienced doctor in his field. I have a great level of trust in him since he helped me to understand my options to have the best vision possible. He patiently and unhurriedly listened to my story and answered all of my many questions. He assured me that he had done many surgeries on people with my history of eye problems following RK surgery and retina re-attachment with success. His office environment is very pleasant and the staff were courteous when scheduling my appointments since I live an hour from Houston. I never have to wait very long in the reception area to see him and will return as often as necessary in the future. I highly recommend others to make an appointment with him!”

As a long time eye doctor at Houston Eye Associates, Dr. Vital has helped thousands of patients to improve their vision and eye health. Dr. Vital continues to impress patients each year.

Beyond being a credentialed and well-qualified eye surgeon, each patient is treated as an individual and truly looked after while under Dr. Vital’s care. Dr. Vital specializes in corneal eye care, laser cataract surgery, complex vision care, and provides routine eye care services. If you are seeking a Houston eye doctor, consider joining Dr. Mark Vital’s many happy patients by requesting an appointment today!

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