What is the wait time for an eye exam?

When I go to the doctor, I also want to know, “What is the wait time?”

I feel it is important that same day appointments are available for eye emergencies. We know that you did not plan to have an eye problem. We also understand how frightening and urgent a sudden eye problem can be. Therefore, we have designed our schedule to accommodate walk-ins and eye emergencies. It is common for other eye care providers to send potentially blinding emergencies to our clinic at a moment’s notice. In rare cases, I am required to unexpectedly leave clinic to perform emergency eye surgery.

These types of visits can disrupt the clinic schedule for those with a previously scheduled appointment.  However, our patients understand that when they were the ones with a serious problem, we promise to devote as much attention and resources as necessary to solve their problems as well.  Please understand if we fall behind due to the random circumstances of eye diseases we need to take care of on any given day. We are always doing our best to respect your time and stay on schedule.

We know that you need to get back to your normal routine with as little disruption as possible, as quickly as possible. Budget approximately one hour and fifteen minutes for a routine dilated eye exam. Keep in mind, dilation can take twenty to thirty minutes of that time. Complex eye problems that need diagnostic testing or special surgical considerations can sometimes require more time.

If you have a previously scheduled an eye exam appointment and find that we are running late, please let the front desk staff know and we will be happy re-schedule an appointment when you can return to us at a better time.

We want you to know that we’re always working hard to get you taken care of and get you on your way!

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