TearCare for dry eyes, styes, and meibomitis (MGD)

I prefer to use TearCare for dry eyes, styes, and meibomitits (MGD). Nearly all of us suffer from dry eyes at some point and lid styes are not uncommon. Most dry eye symptoms and styes are caused by a problem with the oil glands of the eyelids. These are called meibomian glands. We call it meibomitis or meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) when the meibomian glands are stopped up by thick oils or scarring.

There are three areas of concentration to help improve glands and reduce dry eye symptoms. These are oil, bacteria, and inflammation. Bacteria and inflammation can be improved with lid scrubs, antibiotics, antiseptics, and steroids. However, addressing the thick oils can be more difficult. Warm compresses can be helpful but don’t always work.

Fortunately, TearCare can be a much more effective solution. So, watch the video below for more information and give our office a call 713-668-6828 x2395 to schedule your treatment.