What is viral pink eye (Adenovirus)?

Viral Pink Eye

Viral conjunctivitis is usually due to a virus called adenovirus. The case shown here is an example of the progression of viral pink eye over the course of just 2 weeks. What most people refer to as “pink eye” is really bacterial conjunctivitis which can be treated with antibiotics. Viral conjunctivitis tends to be must more contagious and last much longer (2 to 6 weeks).

Close-up of eyes through worsening stages of viral pink eye

Unfortunately, there is no sure treatment for adenoviral conjunctivitis. The body’s immune system has to fight it off like the common cold. Therefore, one of our main goals is to avoid spreading the virus. It is important to wash hands well and avoiding rubbing the eyes. There are some topical sprays called hypocholorous acid that have shown some ability to inactivate the virus but it is still ultimately up to the body to clear the virus.

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