What is a light adjustable lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens by RxSight is an extremely exciting advancement in cataract surgery!

Imaging standing on the tee box of par five hole at The River Oaks Country Club and hitting the ball within 1 foot of the hole; an amazing shot for sure!  That precision is similar to the precision of most cataract surgery today. 

Now with the Light Adjustable Lens from RxSight we have the ability to take that precision a step further… we also have the opportunity to “putt” to reach the hole.  Thus providing a level of visual refinement in cataract surgery not previously achievable without additional surgery. 

Light adjustable lens technology

The technology of the Light Adjustable Lens allows for painless post-surgical light treatments to customize the prescription of the lens including correction for astigmatism.  The flexibility of the adjustments provides you the opportunity to design your visual target for each eye after surgery.  This makes monovision (one eye focused for distance and the other for near) much more predictable and accurate and results in increased satisfaction and less dependence on glasses.

Light Adjustable Lens Illustration

The control, customization, and confidence with the Light Adjustable Lens is very impressive!  Additionally, it comes without the problems of decreased contrast and halos that can be associated with other premium and multifocal lenses.  

The light adjustable lens is now available in Houston!

This intraocular lens is now provided by Dr. Vital and appointments are available in both the Gramercy and Sugar Land offices here in Houston!

Watch this video and call Dr. Vital’s office to schedule an appointment to learn more about the Light Adjustable Lens.