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Are premium lenses necessary for cataract surgery?

Premium lenses are not a necessary requirement for cataract surgery.  However, most patients will have a intraocular lens (IOL) placed inside the eye at the time of cataract surgery.  It is easy for patients and doctors to get caught up in “the next new thing”.  However, the quality of the standard monofocal intraocular lenses covered… Read More

Zepto for Cataract Surgery in Houston

Zepto for cataract surgery is a fantastic option for premium, toric intraocular lenses and complex cases.  Cataract surgery is like removing the chocolate (the cataract) from an green M&M candy and leaving the green candy coating behind.  The new artificial lens is then placed inside the green candy coating shell.  Eye doctors call that green… Read More

My Online Clinic: Houston Eye Associates / Dr. Vital

Understanding Our Patient Portal: My Online Clinic My Online Clinic My Online Clinic allows our office to communicate with you securely. The best way to create an account is to respond to the email we send you after an appointment which contains a link that takes you to the patient portal. You can also visit… Read More

What if I have Fuchs’ Dystrophy and Cataracts?

Some patients need an ophthalmologist who is both a Fuchs’ specialist and cataract specialist in Houston. If you have cataracts and corneal swelling (edema) from Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy your vision might look like this: Even for the best of cataract surgeons, when cataract surgery is performed, some corneal swelling can result.  If you are a patient that… Read More

What are cataracts and what do they look like?

As a leading cataract surgeon in Houston, I have the opportunity to see many patients with many different types of cataracts.  At the time that I diagnose cataracts in the clinic, often patients will ask, “What is a cataract and what does it look like? Is it a film over my eyes?”. Well, not really…. Read More

Cataract surgery options

Cataract surgery is normally performed with ultrasound (phacoemulsification) and more recently has been aided by the use of a femtosecond laser in some cases. When you decide you are ready for cataract surgery, you will have options to consider. Just as in trying to answer the question “What is the best car?”, the answer to… Read More

Is eye surgery painful?

The first question most patients have when faced with the idea of eye surgery is, “Will it hurt?!” The simple answer is that in most cases there is very little if any pain asociated with eye surgery. Remember, we want you to be comfortable! There are three main types of anesthesia for eye surgery: 1)… Read More